Monday, July 29, 2013

Some progress

Well - I've had a wee break as I went and got a new hip - titanium no less.
I didn't feel like knitting until I got back home. Strangely my post-op days are quite busy with exercises, walking and resting. Also doing any task takes about 3 times as long as normal but things are improving daily so I'm happy. And I have managed to get some knitting done. The mojo socks are almost finished - just the 'afterthought' heels to complete.
And I've made another Stockholm-Helsinki-Dunedin cowl - this one as a present.
The crochet squares for the Rainbow Blanket are now complete - in fact I think I have 109 instead of 108. Next is to lay them out and sew up...
But what better than to start on a new project instead of finishing something - this is Elfe and I am using   Vintage Purls sock yarn - the pink is called Elsa S. and is from the latest Winter Sock Club. I thought the colour was way too good for socks - it is a glorious deep pink. It is a top-down and seamless construction. My gauge was off but then the pattern size was a little large so I'm hoping it will all come out in the wash. That may be courting disaster - so I've done something I rarely do and put in a lifeline just at the end of the cap sleeve - to make it easier to frog back if necessary.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Big Mid-winter Swap Reveal

Finally we had our mid-winter swap dinner/party.
And what a night it was - all these beautiful things lovingly and thoughtfully made by special people for special people.
Shall I start with what I received?
 I'm not sure exactly what it would be called - but it is a drawstring bag/pouch made by the very talented Katya.
 It has the letters of 'Julia' on each panel and can be reversed.
 I just love the colours of the 'outside' fabric - silk?
 The beadwork is extraordinary - seams and even a tassel. I've never done any beading - it seems so intricate - and time-consuming.

 And then more beadwork surrounding the letters on one side.
 It is fabulous. I love it and will treasure it. And I think I will use it - so I can show it off!
Thank you so much Katya.

 My contribution was the opposite of delicate - a big infinity scarf made from Morag's (Vintage Purls) Max DK.
I dyed the colours. It is called 'My Favourite Things' infinity scarf - with the idea being that each person that makes it would use different images/charts according to their tastes. This was made for Jenni - her Ravelry name is Zoomer. It turned out very cheerful and is lovely and soft and squishy.

 And now I've started on Mojo socks using Opal Hundertwasser yarn - someone in my knit group had made them using the same yarn and they looked great.
And, hopefully, the last of the dyeing for the Rainbow Blanket.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Year of the Cowl

But wait - here's another one..

It's a bigger version of the previous Stockholm-Helsinki Cowl - a few more stitches and almost twice as much yarn. And it is sooooooooo cosy - it's hard to take it off.
And another pair of mitts - for someone's birthday -
The colours are a bit more subtle - less contrast for the pattern. But I like them anyway.