Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finishing, finishing

I'm trying to finish a few smaller projects before launching back into my Rebel jacket.
Plus the bit I'm up to in the Rebel jacket requires Provisional casting on - something new to me. I saw a complicated version on Youtube that has probably contributed to me putting it off. But last night I found a much easier version - so I am keen to get back to it.

So anyway - here are the two scarves I've been making for a while. The colours are not quite true - they are actually richer. The top one has a lot of 'roll' at the edges so for the seecond one I added 3 knit sts at the end of each row. I used a Knitpicks Sport cotton that my knit buddy left me when she returned to the US (thanks Leah)

Just one more project to finish now...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My new top - Liesl

I should have mentioned - it is made from Euroflax linen - I'd not made anything with linen yarn before. It had a stringy feel when knitting with it - but has worked out well

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

properly finished now - I think

OK - now it's looking better. I did some research and asked a friend - and then I got brave and chucked it in the washing machine - on a gentle cycle. I don't have a dryer so just laid it out flat to dry and pushed/stretched it into its approximate shape - and the result is below - which looks a lot neater/crisper than before.
Now to wear it...while I can

Friday, September 10, 2010

Liesl - finished - pretty much

Well I finished Liesl last night. One good thing about knitting 'in the round' is that there isn't so much sewing to do - just the pocket edges and yarn ends.
The pattern recommends 'wet blocking' and I'm going to do a little research first as I've never blocked anything before - however I think it needs something as the bottom has curled and apparently the linen is softer after a wash.
Anyway - it is still warm here (up to 29C today) so I think I'll have a bit of time to wear it yet.