Saturday, February 25, 2012

My First Sock Club project

Vintage Purls is based in Dunedin and Morag runs a Summer and Winter Sock Club every year. Each is for 3 months and each month the subscribers receive a pattern, yarn and a few extra goodies. One of the extra goodies was some yummy fudge which I ate immediately. I should have held out until I had finished the project - that way I might have finished it earlier. But it was a fairly quick knit. The lace part is new territory for me - I am not sure yet what I think about doing lots of lace - but good to try one project anyway.
Oh yes - I know - it's Sock Club and I've made a shawl - well sometimes they make something different just - because.
The colour is a bright acid, lemony yellow. It has been a little controversial. I like it because I would normally never choose it and so it takes me out of my comfort zone.
At the moment it is drying and I can see from the photo I should go and re-pin a few of the tips.....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ta daaaaaa

Finally - my Vivian is pretty much finished - now that the zip is in. I will also cover the zip edges with ribbon but that may take a while to find the right ribbon as I'm fussy about that sort of thing.
But I can wear it now - so who cares about our lousy summer weather.
I'll get someone else to take some photos so you can see the back next. 

Foot stools

 I've had these decrepit stools awaiting attention for quite some time. Finally I attended to them.
I only took the one 'before' photo - but that conveys all you need to get the picture.
I sanded and painted the metal bases, stripped the tops back to the wood support and then added new foam and covered with oilcloth/Japara  fabric - wanting to achieve a kind of industrial look.
They seem to have taken ages - so it is good to finally have completed them - and good to have made something nice from such rubbishy beginnings