Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recycled swatch

You may remember this - from the Unwind Knitting Retreat in March. It was my swatch from the Persian Poppies class. My mother always said 'waste not, want not' and so I was wondering what to do with it.

It was pretty much the shape of a hottie (hot water bottle) and also looks very cheerful and sunny so I then decided to make the other side in a /dark/night/moonlight style
 and there you have it - the Kath and Kel Hottie Cover. I have named it after that lovely couple from the Australian TV show Kath and Kim - Kel Knight and Kath Day-Knight.
Of course it has no shaping for the neck of the hottie because I couldn't be bothered - and it works just fine. And unexpectedly, I have discovered that it makes for a very warm hottie all night

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've got lots of projects I want to start but, in an effort to not get totally out of control, I've decided I need to finish some of my wips (works in progress) first.

 So - I've completed the second Wildflower Shawl...
...and am now working on the neck band of my Rainbow Kauni Cardigan

Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm Back

Well I arrived back home a week ago but then got hit by a flu and laid very low so that I could recover in time for Knit Camp - and I just made it. Knit Camp was soooo lovely - held at Waikouaiti it is a quick drive. Lorna does a massive job of organising both the class and the food.
Here we are beavering away on our lace knitting.

Everyone's was different due to pattern and yarn selection - some were a lot finer!
We were actually making a doily-style edging but mine seemed to bend the wrong way so I stopped after a few repeats because I had decided to make it into a wristlet. Now I just need some lovely pearl buttons.
I managed to finish the wildflower shawl while away - but I didn't do any public knitting!
I think of it more as a kerchief/scarf. It is lovely and soft and warm and I am now working on a second one.
My rainbow Kauni cardigan now has two sleeves and next to to do the neck and front bands.
I have also started on my Secret Swap project - which means you won't be seeing it until July - when it is officially swapped.