Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Knitting

At last I can reveal what I was busy with in the lead up to Christmas.
 This is the Purl Ridge Scarf by Stephen West. I made 2 of these using Vintage Purls Max - and they were beautifully squishy. Of course it is summer here so they may not get worn for a while yet.

Then there was this:
Cosy Neck Warmer by Lucy of attic24. I'd made some more colourful ones earlier but this one was requested in dark grey and black. I used an Alpaca/Merino yarn from our local Mill Shop.

And lastly I went a bit ballistic with Zuzu's Petals making 6 of them using the Zauberball - very happy with the result.

So pretty much everyone got a cowl for Christmas. What better since I had declared it my Year of the Cowl.