Sunday, February 28, 2010


And here are the coasters - I used a dilute PVA-style glue (the labels are all in Korean - so I just guess). And then a couple of Royal Coat Decoupage Finish - satin - because that is what I had available. I will have to see how it handles moisture.

And this was the small tray - I'd do it a little differently next time - but only find these things out after I've made the mistakes!
Still it is kinda cute - and I have more of these templates so they should make good gifts - to use for somewhere to throw the keys or for jewellery etc etc

Friday, February 26, 2010

Long weekend

Welcome to Shoebox Sally. I keep wanting to modify my layout page but it could take days and so I decided to just post anyway and sort out the details in due course.
It's a long weekend here (Independence Day is on Monday) so I have a few projects on the go.
The first involves using some of the lovely paper above. I just can't help myself when I see the paper here - even if I never use some of it - it is great to just look at.

I found these decoupage kits locally- and I will just substitute my own paper.
And on my first visit to Seoul last week (I've only been here 9 months!) I sourced some more of the base templates. It would be easy enough to copy them onto cardboard but the bought ones are professionally cut and so have better edges.