Sunday, October 21, 2012

At long last

Hazelhurst is finished. It only took 3 months. And we have the cold weather this long weekend to wear it. Win, win. My knitting had been somewhat 'bumpy' but I followed the instructions to steam it, inside and out, and that seemed to do the trick.

And so now I have been able to move on - to Shellseeker which I am making using the suggested Spud & Chloe Sweater wool/cotton yarn. I wanted knitting that required a bit less concentration so that I could watch The Killing/Forbrydelsen, the second series, that was lent to me. Perfect for our long weekend. 10 hours of gripping viewing AND hand-knitted jerseys.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


OMG! as they say. I see I have not posted here for a long while (August). All 5 of my faithful followers must be very distressed.
So what have I been up to?
I went to LA for a week and then on a cruise to Mexico for a week. One of my nieces got married on the cruise so it was a lovely family time - plus sun and heat.
I haven't done a lot of knitting - I'm still working on Hazelhurst and will update on that another time.

I've been sidelined by the making of cards. I had read that they were planning a new market in our new stadium so I suggested to a friend (who knows a lot more about card-making than me) that we have a stall. She agreed - and I'm glad she did as she has a lot more experience in these matters as well as being fun to work with.

So we started making cards. They took a lot longer to make than I had factored in to my plans so I've had to focus mostly on that recently. As a money-making venture I'd be better off working at the local supermarket but for fun and creativity it has been superb. My friend has a lovely subversive streak which I have copied with some of my cards, others have just been plain pretty because I enjoyed playing with the colour combinations so much. With the smaller square cards we also made the envelopes to get the right size. We used coloured/patterned paper which added to the 'prettiness.' We also made a few Christmas cards - seemed a bit early but they were popular.

OK - here are some photos. Excuse the quality as they were already in cellophane bags by this stage.