Saturday, October 13, 2012


OMG! as they say. I see I have not posted here for a long while (August). All 5 of my faithful followers must be very distressed.
So what have I been up to?
I went to LA for a week and then on a cruise to Mexico for a week. One of my nieces got married on the cruise so it was a lovely family time - plus sun and heat.
I haven't done a lot of knitting - I'm still working on Hazelhurst and will update on that another time.

I've been sidelined by the making of cards. I had read that they were planning a new market in our new stadium so I suggested to a friend (who knows a lot more about card-making than me) that we have a stall. She agreed - and I'm glad she did as she has a lot more experience in these matters as well as being fun to work with.

So we started making cards. They took a lot longer to make than I had factored in to my plans so I've had to focus mostly on that recently. As a money-making venture I'd be better off working at the local supermarket but for fun and creativity it has been superb. My friend has a lovely subversive streak which I have copied with some of my cards, others have just been plain pretty because I enjoyed playing with the colour combinations so much. With the smaller square cards we also made the envelopes to get the right size. We used coloured/patterned paper which added to the 'prettiness.' We also made a few Christmas cards - seemed a bit early but they were popular.

OK - here are some photos. Excuse the quality as they were already in cellophane bags by this stage.


  1. Those are fantastic! When was the market? Was it fun?

  2. It was yesterday - and it was fun. Fortunately the weather was also kind