Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of year tidy up

It's funny how you get the urge to tidy up before the New Year.
In my case there is so much to tidy up everywhere that just some things will get the necessary attention.
One of the lucky recipients was the #5 Pullover - cast aside until I cooled off about the pattern's instructions. When I picked it up again yesterday I finally worked out that I didn't need to frog it back. So now it is sewn up, neckband done and buttons on for finishing.
I think I may have have made it too big but at least a child can grow into it....

Friday, December 28, 2012

Other things ...

I've had these fabric prints from when I was at Art School. They are the 'seconds' and are salt prints, an old method of printing photos, which I made on fabric. One of my sisters thought they would make a good cushion and she was right - so both sisters got them for presents.
That's my father in 1912 when he was about 3.

The other project I made for a gift was a mosaic tray -
I rather enjoy these projects as it was a really crappy tray until I painted it and mosaic'ed it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Knitted gifts

The knitted items were mitts and shawls - above and below.

Except I forgot to photograph the matching mitts for the second shawl.

I also made a couple of Dalek cloths 

Now I'll have to think up something new for next year.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Three little words

Well Tempest is finished. Nice isn't it?
Then I noticed that the neck wasn't really quite right. So I looked at other ones in Ravelry and finally it dawned on me that I had overlooked 3 little words in the pattern - "sew shoulder seams"!!!!!!
What was I thinking? Obviously not much at all.
The only solution is to frog the bands, unpick the sleeve seams and work again.
I hate going backwards but I am going to hate it more if I don't fix it - so maybe it will be done by New Year, along with my other fix-it project - the child's pullover.

Meantime I am going forwards with the Spotty Cardy
It's a little uneven but I aim to improve as I go.

And after Christmas I will post images of some of the things I've been making for presents.
Have a good one.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Colourful knits


Well I finished making the Christmas presents - the knitted ones anyway.
Also made these balls above to adorn some Christmas trees.

Next I started on the pullover below. It is a Lang yarn pattern - adorable - the child and the pullover. The pattern itself is another matter however - incomprehensible and unworkable in places. I've resorted to just making it up. Now I have  a problem with the raglan sleeves being too short so will have to rip it back and adjust the pattern to make it work. But it has annoyed me so it is having a wee rest for now.

So next up is Tempest and I am making it using some yarn from the Mill Shop in Milton. It was a total bargain and I loved the colours - I bought 4 different colours. It has a 'high twist' so I have been extra good and swatched, washed my swatch and now I've even washed the pieces before assembling.
For now they are drying.

So I've started something else - Spotty Cardi. Officially it is Design R0040, Ladies' Jacket from the Regia Journal 001 - Colour Effects by Kaffe Fassett. There are some great patterns in there - all in a similar 'Persian Poppies' style using the Regia Kaffe Fassett yarns. I don't think it is too easy to buy the Journal though - the only way I could find it was to buy it as a kit. The main colour of the kit was a light blue/green - not really my colour. However my sister loved it so she then ordered the gray and we swapped.

I'm working on 2.5mm needles - and have done about 4 rows of rib. It might take a wee while.....

That makes 4 wip's - hopefully I'll get some finished before starting anything more.