Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sue liked mine so I made one for her

Another Cheery Cowl - using leftover yarn from my first one.

And I finally started to lay out the squares for the Rainbow Blanket and began the sewing up.

I had noticed, when sewing up the dolly blankets, that my usual darning needle tended to split the yarn so I decided to try the HiyaHiya darning needles - and they work really well with their blunt curved tip.

Friday, August 16, 2013

But wait - there's more

This cheerful cowl is from attic 24. It is her Cosy Neck Warmer and she has a great photo tutorial for it. I decided to go for some cheerful colours - as a counter to winter blues.
 At first I decided to have the borders blue but changed my mind halfway through and finished with an orange border. So it could be worn either way.
 I really like the whole style of it and would make it again.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another FO

This is Elfe - and I really like it. It is made from Vintage Purls Sock yarn - a fingering weight - so it is not too heavy. It could be worn on its own or with a top underneath - very practical for Dunedin's climate. I fell in love completely with the pink colour, Elsa S. It was from the Winter Sock Club and supposed to be for socks but I thought it was far too good to be hidden away.
And look how sunny it is here - we are really having a mild winter at the moment and it is confusing all the plants. I noticed some crocuses out this morning.

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Little Distraction

 Well the Mojo Socks are finished and then I got a little distracted with a smaller version of the Rainbow Blanket - one each for Rosie and Millie (my niece's daughters) and their dolls.
 It is great for using up scraps or yarn. And it has been a good trial run for working out a good method for assembling. Actually I have just used the recommended whip stitch that is shown in the Purl Soho tutorial.
Next is to start on assembling the bigger Rainbow Blanket - although my deadline is December.
I have a few more things to show but I'm still in Post-op slow mode - so it will be a drip feed.