Sunday, March 18, 2012

One plus one

OK - I now have 2 mitts knitted

There have been a few variations - it might help if I had a photo of them being worn - will try to get one. I am going to show them to my knit group and see what comments I get - and then attempt to write up the pattern. That may be a lot more difficult than actually knitting them!

And I have started on  my 2nd Sock Club project - the wool is a very vivid purple that my camera does no justice to...
The pattern on the top side is quite radical - like a shell. Still a wee way to go tho'

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Long Weekend of Knitting

Well I have just had a lovely long weekend attending Unwind - a knitting 'retreat' here in Dunedin.
It started on Friday and finished today - although I didn't go today as it was a trip to Flagstaff Alpacas and the Mill Shop - more for the out-of-town people - and I have ENOUGH wool now to last me for a bit....
Friday was a lazy day of people arriving, sitting around knitting and being tempted by the Trader Stalls selling delicious yarns. I helped out on the Registration desk - there were around 60 people attending - one even from Australia.
On Saturday there were classes - I went to one on steeking - the noble art of cutting one's knitting.
We started with this: a knitted tube
 then stitched it and cut it and practised various edges.

My Sunday class was on making a 'magic ball' and using it to knit Kaffe Fasset's Persian Poppies pattern.
We all took in spare wool and put it in the middle of the table. After choosing a background colour we then picked another 7 colours that were fairly close to each other, tonally, and proceeded to cut small lengths and knot them together and then wind it into a ball. Then it was knit time....
 It is great to see all the different colours people chose
And the  cheerful sample below is mine. 
I've even had an idea of something to make with it....
A lot of time was spent sitting around knitting so I've also made some progress on my Rainbow cardigan - which is also going to be my first proper steeking project

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Something radical (for me)

At a recent Knit Study day we learnt about a lovelyScottish colour work pattern called Sanquhar - with the plan being to make some fingerless mitts.
I wanted to make a few adjustments so came home and trawled through my other mitt patterns and then devised a new one - using bits of all.
It's radical because I am usually a strict pattern follower and never deviate.
I've finished the first and will seek some feedback before doing the second. I think it needs a little tweaking - but basically it's great as the colour work makes it a double thickness - so warmer.
 There are two different patterns on the outer part, as well as the reverse of each
 And on the palm I used the Fleur de Lis
 Taking a photo left-handed has its limits and my colours always seem a bit off. It should be a dark green and sky blue. I am using Vintage Purls Sock Yarn.
If it works out OK I'll try and write up the pattern - that will be a real test of my intelligence - or lack of.

New project

Last year I visited my cousin in Vancouver and she had one of these Kauni Rainbow Cardigan
I just loved it - it is fairly simple to knit - the effect being created mostly by the colour changes in the wool.
So I found some yarn there and now it's time to make it.
Next weekend I am learning about steeling - which will come in handy as this cardigan is steeked and I've never done that before.

And then there were two

Or perhaps that should read - finally there were two. The Nightingale socks are finished.
Taking a photo of them, when living alone, is a bit tricky. I lay on my bed and put my feet up in the air - ceiling makes a good background. I made them a bit longer - they are below-knee length. And the hem at the top is folded over so I put some elastic underneath so they will stay up.
They feel too good to wear - arghhhh