Saturday, March 3, 2012

Something radical (for me)

At a recent Knit Study day we learnt about a lovelyScottish colour work pattern called Sanquhar - with the plan being to make some fingerless mitts.
I wanted to make a few adjustments so came home and trawled through my other mitt patterns and then devised a new one - using bits of all.
It's radical because I am usually a strict pattern follower and never deviate.
I've finished the first and will seek some feedback before doing the second. I think it needs a little tweaking - but basically it's great as the colour work makes it a double thickness - so warmer.
 There are two different patterns on the outer part, as well as the reverse of each
 And on the palm I used the Fleur de Lis
 Taking a photo left-handed has its limits and my colours always seem a bit off. It should be a dark green and sky blue. I am using Vintage Purls Sock Yarn.
If it works out OK I'll try and write up the pattern - that will be a real test of my intelligence - or lack of.

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  1. Those are amazing! And tweaking a pattern is brave. I had a similar situation yesterday (not nearly as clever) where i was baking without any measuring implements. I made gingerbread loaf for my danish flatmates and it turned out great. Aren't we clever :) xx