Saturday, February 25, 2012

My First Sock Club project

Vintage Purls is based in Dunedin and Morag runs a Summer and Winter Sock Club every year. Each is for 3 months and each month the subscribers receive a pattern, yarn and a few extra goodies. One of the extra goodies was some yummy fudge which I ate immediately. I should have held out until I had finished the project - that way I might have finished it earlier. But it was a fairly quick knit. The lace part is new territory for me - I am not sure yet what I think about doing lots of lace - but good to try one project anyway.
Oh yes - I know - it's Sock Club and I've made a shawl - well sometimes they make something different just - because.
The colour is a bright acid, lemony yellow. It has been a little controversial. I like it because I would normally never choose it and so it takes me out of my comfort zone.
At the moment it is drying and I can see from the photo I should go and re-pin a few of the tips.....