Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finishing, finishing

I'm trying to finish a few smaller projects before launching back into my Rebel jacket.
Plus the bit I'm up to in the Rebel jacket requires Provisional casting on - something new to me. I saw a complicated version on Youtube that has probably contributed to me putting it off. But last night I found a much easier version - so I am keen to get back to it.

So anyway - here are the two scarves I've been making for a while. The colours are not quite true - they are actually richer. The top one has a lot of 'roll' at the edges so for the seecond one I added 3 knit sts at the end of each row. I used a Knitpicks Sport cotton that my knit buddy left me when she returned to the US (thanks Leah)

Just one more project to finish now...

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