Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Big Mid-winter Swap Reveal

Finally we had our mid-winter swap dinner/party.
And what a night it was - all these beautiful things lovingly and thoughtfully made by special people for special people.
Shall I start with what I received?
 I'm not sure exactly what it would be called - but it is a drawstring bag/pouch made by the very talented Katya.
 It has the letters of 'Julia' on each panel and can be reversed.
 I just love the colours of the 'outside' fabric - silk?
 The beadwork is extraordinary - seams and even a tassel. I've never done any beading - it seems so intricate - and time-consuming.

 And then more beadwork surrounding the letters on one side.
 It is fabulous. I love it and will treasure it. And I think I will use it - so I can show it off!
Thank you so much Katya.

 My contribution was the opposite of delicate - a big infinity scarf made from Morag's (Vintage Purls) Max DK.
I dyed the colours. It is called 'My Favourite Things' infinity scarf - with the idea being that each person that makes it would use different images/charts according to their tastes. This was made for Jenni - her Ravelry name is Zoomer. It turned out very cheerful and is lovely and soft and squishy.

 And now I've started on Mojo socks using Opal Hundertwasser yarn - someone in my knit group had made them using the same yarn and they looked great.
And, hopefully, the last of the dyeing for the Rainbow Blanket.

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