Saturday, July 14, 2012

New projects

 Well my house is full of potential projects so I tackled two this weekend. The first being the skull above - my niece, Lizzie, gave it to me for my birthday a while back. It was a basic polystyrene mould.
I decided it would look good with glitter - and it does. I am still varnishing it - in the hope that the varnish will protect the glitter.
 And I finished 'Anchor Me' - the first WInter Sock Club project. I wanted to get these done because I think we get the second project soon. The anchor is on the toes. There is also a small cable on each side but I haven't shown that too well in the photos. The colour is a lovely deep blue.

 The other project that had been hanging around for some time was the mini Afghan chadors - bought as souvenirs in Afghanistan a few years back. I think they may have been designed as wine bottle covers. I had thought of making a mobile with them  but I prefer this arrangement.

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