Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lying low

Oops - long time no post. I've had a bit of a cold or bug - or maybe a reaction to the yellow dust that apparently blows across from China at this time of year. Whichever it is it is taking a while to shake. Still not going out so much has meant more time at home doing 'things'.

This is the Rowena cardigan from "Knit 2 Together". I am now working on the neck band but I think I am going to need an extra ball of wool so it could be a couple of weeks away from finishing.
And I've been playing around with more paper/decoupage trays - still refining my techniques. The 2 on the left have been varnished and the others are awaiting that.
Now I had better go find that extra ball of wool from someone's stash - as it is now discontinued.


  1. I remember the yellow dust when I lived on the on the Chinese side of the border, hope you're feeling better!
    Love the trays, especially the ones with Chinese characters on them, great idea!
    a-m x

  2. When people talked about the yellow dust I thought it would be something you could see - but I haven't. Altho' I do think it is probably the cause of my lurgy/ailment - which is a bit like asthma - something I've never had before.