Saturday, April 24, 2010

Knit, knit, knit

The Rowena Cardigan from "Knit 2 Together".  I had needed another ball of yarn - which delayed finishing this - but finally it has all come together.

And it is a good fit - phew! The last 2 days has seen a marked improvement in the weather - if it stays this way I may not get to wear this too much as it will be too hot.
I bought 3 different ribbons - so I can change according to the outfit.

And this is my next wip - the Tropical Garden Vest Mark 2 - I am making this for my sister - the main colour is a dark charcoal and I am using the same other colours as I used in mine - because there was a lot of yarn left over.


  1. Love the cardi - if the weather doesn't improve you will be glad of it!!

  2. I managed to wear it once - now it has suddenly become too warm. But it was great when I did wear it and it will be something to look forward to when winter rolls around again