Thursday, March 18, 2010

Past and future projects

 These are my first attempts at making these pendants. I bought them as part of a kit from and she also has her own website   
I think I had a few air bubbles - she recommends using clamps but finding the right clamps in Korea is another matter - I've been looking without much success - they are not big on home DIY here.
Anyway I finished these a while back but the airplane one was a present for my niece (who works as a travel agent) so I wanted to wait until she had received it before posting the image.

And this contraption is a longer term project - well we'll have to wait 4 months for the results. It is actually 3 film cannisters and I have tried to tape them to my window ledge and then have used chopsticks to keep the window open and hopefully the whole caboodle will stay steady in any weather because inside each cannister is a piece of film and each cannister is a pinhole camera. The hole is in the side so I have aimed 2 across the buildings/horizon and 1 is aimed into the sky. They are supposed to be taking something called a solargraph - and exposure can be 3-6months. It is for Tarja Trygg's PhD in Global Solargaphs - she is based in Helsinki, Finland - you can read all about it on and volunteer to take some from your lattitude/longtitude. I will post the results - but I think I may already have exposed one film when I accidentally opened the lid of one !!! oh dear...
I've also asked another photographer here to take some form her location (as they sent me 6 cannisters) so hopefully between us we will have at least one good solargraph from Korea


  1. This is a very cool project, Julia! I can't wait to see the results of it. (and I love the hanging you made with the fruit containers!)

    I'm such a dork! I've read your blog and knew you were in Korea; I'm sure you would have had excellent suggestions for our Korea project. It went very well, by the way.

    The sun is shining here today, so it's bound to be a good one. Hope yours is just as beautiful!

  2. I'm pleased your Korea project was a success. I'm not sure I could have added a lot anyway.