Saturday, March 6, 2010

Arty Projects

I got together with another Fine Arts graduate living here and we decided to work on something using the lovely paper available and to work to a deadline. The deadline is the key for me - otherwise I procrastinate forever.
Finally the end of January came around and I'd made a start

I really liked the translucence of the paper - especially when you can have light coming from behind it. By this stage we'd become 3 when a Kiwi friend of mine joined. We decided to run with the ideas for another month.


Using the wire shapes I added the paper. The yellow one was first and I'm not happy with the result - it wasn't possible to fold the paper over without losing some of the finer details. So then I tried the bottom one - the paper was stiffer and I just cut to shape and glued to the wire.

I used nylon fishing line to suspend them - but they are a little off centre...hmmm

I think we will continue with this so I'll see where it leads - over time I should get some new ideas. Meantime I think I like the wire shapes the best.

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