Wednesday, June 22, 2016

More Project Bags

I made more Project Bags for Unwind 2016 (in Dunedin) and Wool Feast 2016 (In Christchurch).

Dimensions: (Approx Length, Height, Depth)
Box Bag: 8.5"x 4" x 4.5"  or 22cm x 10cm x 11.5cm
Notion Bag: (at the back - Width, Height) 7-9" x 5" x 2"  or 18-23cm x 12.5cm x 5cm
It is narrower at the base than at the top
Kit Bag: (Approx Height, Width) 15.25" x 13"  or 38.5cm x 33cm

Dr Who

Chairman Mao

Knitting in Grey

Shuttle Blueprint

Vintage London Map

Old Photo of Women Knitters

Exterminate and Robots

Fairisle Knitting

Old Photo of Women Knitters

Icelandic Knits

EEG Waves

Retro Children in Space and Old Medical

Hello Kitty

Willow Pattern (Dr Who) Kit Bag

Green and Pink Toile Kit Bag

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  1. I brought one of your awesome box bags at Unwind this weekend! I was trying to find you on social media incase you have more to sell? I have just seen your Dr Who bag! Do you happen to have any of that left?? :)