Monday, September 16, 2013

Blanket is finally finished and something different from Knit Camp

Gee - at last the Rainbow Blanket is complete - have a look!

 I'm pretty pleased with it. I added a one row border as well.
I'm planning for this to last into my dotage.

And last weekend we had our annual Knit Camp - and did a non-knitting project - bookmaking and book binding. It's pretty cool. The part I enjoy the most is choosing paper and binding for the covers.
And Karen brought some of her stamps so we could add those.
 The pink paper is from Korea
 The blue is from Japan
 The map paper is Italian. It was good to find a way to use some of my stash paper.

And I embellished the last one with a stamp that seemed to suit it.


  1. Wow, that blanket is Gorgeous!! Such a lot of patience and work went into that. The books look very cool.