Monday, January 14, 2013

A Plan

Well I try not to have too many 'wip's' [works in progress]on the go at once and then I see something that completely captures me and there goes that plan.
I saw rainbow blanket on the Purl Soho website. You can buy the kit from them for a mere US$780.
That seemed a little excessive for my budget and then I remembered the plain skeins I'd been stockpiling from our nearby Milton Mill Shop - at NZ$12 for 200g they were a bargain. They are a fingering weight sock yarn - 80% merino 20% nylon. I think I have enough to make the blanket and if not then my sister has a few spare - so it should work out.

Of course with over 40 colours there is a little dyeing required- and my skills will have to improve to actually get the colour I'm aiming for. Given what is involved I decided it should be a year long project.

The first task was to make a practice square to check gauge. The website has a tutorial for the crochet part which was just as well as I had to do every row at least twice until I got it right.
Next I ripped it back and measured how much yarn each part took so I will know how much to dye.
That seemed like enough for the first week. Next I'll start to think about the dye colours.

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  1. It looks beautiful. We actually came across the Purl Soho shop when in NY and went in. It was lovely. The blanket i'm knitting on and off is one of their patterns.