Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Normal service resumes

 With the Ravellenic Games over it was time to get back to other projects. And so I have now finished the Rowan Kidsilk Stripe scarf - the stripes are in the wool not the pattern. It is so soft and going to be very cosy to wear. Thanks cousin.

 Hats and I don't really have a great relationship but in winter they can be handy. So I'm always on the lookout for one that seems to suit me.  Morag, from Vintage Purls, showed me this one; it is Tweedle and made from her DK Max. It was a pretty quick knit and I like the result although I think I could do with better photos of the result. I would knit more of these in different colours - and could even omit the pattern and just do in stocking stitch.
And the big news is that I won a prize for my Ravellenic Games project - the Flag wrap. The prize was for the best use of national colours and I won 5 balls of Icelandic wool (Einband) in the colours of the Olympic rings - can't wait to see them and work out treasures to make with it.


  1. congratulations on your prize and i really like your hat

  2. Wow, a prize, of course it was not a competition and we all knew given your training load and planning that you would place well.