Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Something completely different

Never turn down a chance to do a screenprint workshop - especially one at the Art School because they have all the necessary gear.
It was pretty fast and furious - but enough to churn out an image ....
 I chose the airplane image and Sam (the tutor) did a little manipulation in Photoshop - which was very handy as my Photoshop skills are very miniscule. The one above is red under print and black over top
 This one is a print I made on the scrap paper when I needed to clear the screen of the ink. I rather like it except the paper is very thin - will try and figure out how I can use it
 Tried black paper - this one was underprinted in red. My registration was a bit 'off' in a lot of prints but we were doing these pretty quickly - well that's my excuse
The one above is not underprinted - just a black image.
It was really fun - I could spend hours playing with these - except we didn't have that long


  1. Thats pretty great! I think i'm going to go to a screen printing workshop in London... only 5 sleeps!

  2. 5 sleeps - wow! You would love screen printing LIzzie.
    Bon voyage xoxo

  3. Tres cool. Would look great on a T-shirt,,,