Friday, December 17, 2010

One last Christmas present

I am making this scarf for my co-teacher here in Korea.
The pattern, called Gathered Scarf for your Mother-in-Law was a free Ravelry download.
I am using a Knitpicks yarn called Alpaca Cloud in a colour called Iris. It is 100% Alpaca - Heathered laceweight - so I am using 2 strands together.
The yarn has a lovely rainbow of colours within the main Iris/purple colour - maybe that is what they mean by Heathered?
Knitpicks don't ship internationally so I had the yarn sent to a friend in the US who then forwarded it to me (thanks Leah) and when it arrived I suddenly realised I needed to knit fast....another 6 days before I will give it to her - whatever length it is then is whatever the final length will be.

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