Friday, August 27, 2010

holidays and many wips

Gee time flies and it has been a month since my last post.
Mainly it was holidays - I went to New York. I love that place - there is also plenty to do.
I have lots of 'wip's at the moment (works in progress).
I try not to do this too much as I'm bad at finishing anyway but it's just turned out this way.

My main project for summer was to be a long vest/top called Liesl by Cocoknits.
I ordered this lovely rusty orange linen yarn but instead of the 4 that I ordered I only received 2 - and then the shop didn;t have any more - so I waited for their next order to come and then it turned out there was no more - so I had to choose a different colour - this time it is Soft Coral. This was waiting for me when I returned from my holiday last week so I have made that my first priority. I would like to get it finished i time to wear it a little before it gets cold.

The next wip is the Sake and Soba which came to a halt with problems in the pattern. Interweave did get back with a revised chart when I was away - so that's good. It's also nice to know it wasn't me - that there really was a problem with the chart.

And so when Sake and Soba stopped I started on the Rebel jacket - and have completed 2 sleeves so far. I did manage to find some nice buttons for it in NY - at Mood - where they go for their fabrics on Project Runway.
It was fun to go there but fortunately I don't have a sewing machine here or I may have stayed there all day.

While away I took a simple project - a scarf - in fact I am making 2. I'm doing them together to make sure I have enough yarn for both. Today was quiet at school so I did a little sewing in of ends. I am making it out of a Knitpicks Cotton that a friend gave me when she was leaving Korea. The colours are gorgeous and work really well together.
The first one was straight stocking stitch and the edges roll a lot so I have introduced a K3 on the edges of the second and that works a lot better

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  1. oooohh! The colours in your scarf are fan-dabi-dose, delicious. And I've just spied the baby cardi, how fantastic! It looks wonderful, really wonderful, well done. Love Vanessa xxx