Saturday, July 17, 2010


My current Work In Progress:
1) the 'sake and soba' sweater/jersey from the book "Japanese Inspired Knits'
It is a gorgeous pattern and I am using the same wool/yarn in the same colour (natural).
The pattern is a challenge - it takes some deciphering - I have to rewrite each row in my size.
I made a big mistake with the ribbing - on the slip stitch I was yarn forward instead of back but I only realised this after I had completed the ribbing and it had taken me so long I didn't frog it! Then I started on the pattern and realised the slip stitch part extended right up the entire jersey - but still I decided I could live with it - and would just correct it on the pattern part.
When I got to Row 5 of the pattern I hit a glitch - it did not seem right. I adjusted a few other stitches and continued. But by Row 7 the problem had reared its ugly head again.
I met up with my knit friend yesterday - she is very experienced and so I knew she would be able to work it out - but in the end even she admitted defeat! - which made me feel less stupid. The pattern is on Ravelry but no one else has made it there - and the publisher has not shown any errata for it.
So now I have emailed the publisher and Marianne Isager (the designer) for clarification.
The 'good' news is that after the mistakes and frustration on Rows 5 and 7 I needed to frog it back so in the end I just frogged it all and started again - this time correcting my first slip st error. So I guess every cloud has a silver lining.

2) This is a Rowan Cotton Rope that I found on sale in Seoul (any imported yarns here can be pretty expensive). I am making another 'attic24' bag.
3) I am test knitting a small project for my friend. We have decided that I am such a literal pattern follower that I will make a good test knitter! As she will publish this later I can't show it to you yet - sorry.

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